The act of sex is undeniably one of the most powerful. It can shape the course of your relationship in a positive manner. But when did you last have sex with the guy you really like? Is there something that you can do to make your guy have sex with you? If you want to know the answers, then read on:

Make him want you

You will never be able to have sex with a guy or even get into a relationship if he doesn’t see you as someone that is desirable enough to mate with. It is important to look your best every time that you’re around him.

Visual treat

He would surely turn his head if you dress up for him. Why not wear something a bit naughty when you’re around him? Wear something that is very scramble worthy. This should start his curiosity.

Put some know-how into your sack

The best method to make him have sex with you is by providing him snoneworth. Make it as difficult as possible to remove your clothing. Let him be the one to call if you’re going to do it.

Have Sex
Have Sex

Make him feel good with you

Be confident of how you’re feeling with him. No man would be able to endure rejection – so go in strong and be positive about what you’re feeling. Talk to him and let him see that you’re practically fawn all over him.

Flirt with him as much as you can

Being physical will only begin when you have some flirting moves that will make him realize that you’re not someone he can push aside. Touch him every now and then and he’s sure to publicize those feelings once he has sex with you.

Make him feel masculine by boosting his ego

Men are more prone to make those first moves based on the way they feel with regard to the woman they want to have sex. So, whenever you have the opportunity to compliment him, make him feel good. Show how much he resembles someone that a girl would want to have sex with.

Have Sex
Have Sex

Be good to look at

When he finally gets to talk to you, make him notice how gorgeous you are. Talk about how you took care of your appearance and shop for new set of clothes, makeup and scent. Make sure that you look as good as you can.

Be interested in everything that he has to say

You shouldn’t just be all eyes and ears for him. Allow him to talk more. Know his interests, the clubs and venues where he goes, the sporting events he’s passionate about, and movie preferences.

Give him a hint, too, of your intentions

Of course, you have to let him know that you want to have sex with him. Do not make it too obvious, though. It would just scare him away. Tease him, be flirtatious, but make sure you still hold back.

Be vulnerable and coax him for it

It might be difficult for you to be the one to move the relationship forward. But there is nothing wrong in you doing the moves. Make him feel as if he’s in charge or that you’re merely interested in him.

The trick is to not be too available, not to appear desperate, and not to be in any way desperate. It all begins with your looks, and you have to take care of those from the onset. Besides, if you’re going to have sex with this man, you want it to happen when you want, and not when he wants.

Have Sex

Have Sex

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