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5 Ways to Be Kinder When You Date a Sociopath

Date a Sociopath – If you’re a nasty dater, you’re not alone. In fact, some people consider themselves sociopaths, or like a character from a horror movie – you know, the kind that takes advantage of others and exploits them. This type of behavior isn’t just annoying – it can be harmful and lead to violence.

Signs of a sociopath

If you’re dating a sociopath, there are many signs to look out for. Early in a relationship, a sociopath will declare his or her love for you. They’ll say they’ve been mistreated their entire lives and will propose marriage. This is done to make the victim feel special. They talk about their romantic future together and how secure they will be once they’re married. The problem with this behavior is that the sociopath may make you feel normal and caring, so it can be hard to identify them as such.

A sociopath will also use attention as a way to control you. For example, he or she will come on strong and be very possessive of you. However, when he or she feels threatened, he or she will stop giving you attention and go radio silent. They’ll also be very jealous of other people. In short, you shouldn’t date a sociopath.

Date a Sociopath
Date a Sociopath

Another way to recognize a sociopath is if he doesn’t show respect for others. For example, he may not greet you properly, wear the wrong clothing, or wait in line. If you feel your boyfriend has none of these qualities, he may be a sociopath. So, pay attention to his personality traits and follow your gut instinct.

Moreover, a sociopath will often lie. This behavior makes them amoral and they will often fabricate stories to get rid of their victims. They will be able to confuse their victims with a series of illogical conversations, known as a ‘word salad’. This will put the victim on the defensive and leave him or her feeling confused.

A sociopath is not trustworthy. He or she will often use their power and money to take advantage of others. As a result, they’ll never show up for their commitments and will disappoint you. Moreover, they won’t hesitate to blame you for not being their perfect partner.

Date a Sociopath
Date a Sociopath

When dating a sociopath, the first sign to look for is the fake nature of the relationship. These men or women fabricate stories and pretend to be someone else to manipulate and control you. The relationship is usually short and one-sided. Once they’ve benefited enough, the relationship will end.

Crafting for a date

If your date is a Nasty dater, consider crafting some gifts for her. These gifts could be gifts of flowers, candy, or something else that she might love. You can hide them in your date’s pockets, or you can create them in secret. The best part is that it can be a win-win situation.  

Date a Sociopath

Date a Sociopath

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