Sexual Attraction – How do you become completely irresistible to girls? Become the man of their fantasies? Become the person that everyone wants to hang out with? Obviously, this sounds like a lot of fun. But getting there isn’t necessarily easy. It takes work. In this article, I’m going to tell you what this work is like.

How to Seduce Girls and Create Unstoppable Sexual Attraction

How do you create sexual attraction? One way is to use these openers. These are questions that are generally likely to get a yes from a girl.

These are good ways to start a conversation and also to learn some basic table banter or conversation tricks. These can also be some great ways to seduce a girl if you do it correctly.

An opener is usually a question designed to get the girl talking and to get her talking about the topic that you’re currently talking about and establishing that she actually is interested in the topic. The most successful openers are the ones that make the girl do most of the talking. Here are some openers you can try out.

Sexual Attraction
Sexual Attraction

Of course, there are some obstacles to overcome before you can stop yourself from becoming a completely irresistible Suave.

How to Seduce Girls and Create Unstoppable Sexual Attraction

Openers Three – A Girl Likes a Suave, Decent Man

“Hey, so who lies more, men or women?”

This is a suave way of asking that same question, but it also demonstrates sensitivity and lots of social knowledge, making it a lot easier to start a conversation with a girl. Believe it or not, girls dig this question. Not only is it a great conversation starter, it also allows you to discover more about her through her opinion on the matter.

This is a topic that every girl likes to talk about! She knows just how passionate she is about her opinions and she wants you to be able to join in hers.

“So what’s your favorite color?”

This opens up a nearly unlimited pool of topics that you can tease her with. After that, it’s just up to you to lead the conversation and get really comfortable with each other.

Sexual Attraction
Sexual Attraction

“I was wondering, are you able to tie your shoes?”

No girl can say no to that. Even the least popular girls are going to say yes to that. Not only has this minor flirtatious question elicited a yes response, but it’s made you seem very suave. You look like an intelligent and fun gentleman.

Starting a conversation is easy when you know which questions to ask

You can always find something to complement about her or tease her about, but once you’ve started a conversation, just remember, everything’s up to you. Make sure to be relaxed and remember your eye contact is key. Even if she’s not looking at you, make sure that you’re still alert by analyzing her facial expressions. There’s a way to tell if she’s into you, and you don’t have to look at her twenty times before you can actually ask a question.

There are all sorts of ways to use these questions. I’ve even used them in the past to pick up girls at the bar. There was noobeway to approach. Try these for yourself, you’ll be amazed the results. Oh, and make sure you smile when you do.

Sexual Attraction

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