If you are a gay guy on an internet dating rut, it is time to break out of this rut and start meeting new people and trying to find a partner in life. There are many ways to overcome the gay internet dating rut.


Try to as straight as you can. The most important to do this is to understand that everyone is different and, each person on the internet may reject you for whatever reason. You do not need to dwell on this, it is actually a good thing. This means that you have opened yourself up to a little bit more rejection. This is important to keep the vibe alive and writes to a note of discourage in your online gay dating profile.

It also helps to keep your mentality simple and direct. Keep it real. This means that you need to be direct in your responses, conversation with other gays on the dating site and your responses to your potential partners. This direct approach really helps to reinforce your sexuality and profile for the reason that it gets your gay mate attracted to the real you.

Think of others as acquaintances. Not hook ups and 7’s, but just a regular hello and how are you doing. The truth is, the more acquaintances you have the more possibilities to meet the partner you have been dreaming of.

Internet Dating
Internet Dating

The Direct Approach in Conversational Topics

Meeting the straight guy on an internet dating site can be a hard and scary thing. There are many in the DEEREZHUNGHT who can actually be straight, but then there are those that are not.

Allow yourself to get emotionally and physically relaxed. Once you are able to do this, it will help you when you talk to the PM and when you are sending emails, chats and love messages to each other. With this, you can easily get into the comfort zone and pretty soon you will be on your way towards a long flowing conversation, where ever road you want to take is just a few clicks away.

Another tip is to use your grammar SLEEPLESS! Picking up the male connotation or joke, really pays off in the end. You can drop the obvious pickup lines and just try to be straight engaging. This also helps you to build your confidence in conversing with others on the internet dating site, in future articles as to how to start a conversation.

Internet Dating
Internet Dating

Try to NOT clutter up your profile with your prohibit list of things you can not converse about. And don’t make it harder or harder to talk to someone if they just don’t sound interesting to you, move on. Maybe they are one of the non-conversation types or just plain boring.

Sending Messages

Try to learn the best way to send messages. Fill your messages with witty and interesting things to say to the perfect partner. Remember the purpose of the e-mail is to simply communicate your thoughts and feelings to another potential dating candidate without it feeling intrusive. You want to keep it simple, sweet and conversationally driven. So try to avoid talking about your past relationship successes and latest activities. And get off the computer and get back in the real world where everyone can hear you.

Good luck and feel free to ask questions below.

Internet Dating

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